About Me

Are you short on time and looking for a way to streamline the content-creation process? Does your business or online service have a website but no blog posts for followers to interact with? Or are you a solopreneur looking for help creating a course or eBook?

I’m Marnie Vinge, a freelance writer for hire. I get your content to shine by making it:

  • Fresh
  • Engaging
  • Accessible

I make fun, SEO-friendly content that’s easily shared across social media to get your clients talking about your business or services!

My unusual resume provides me with plenty of experience in:

  • Martial Arts (I taught Tae Kwon Do for several years and assisted with a women’s self-defense camp through a Brazilian jiu-jitsu program)
  • Funeral Service (I worked as an apprentice funeral director and embalmer for over a year)
  • Insurance Marketing (I was a marketing assistant in the health insurance field)
  • Teaching (I currently moonlight as an English tutor)
  • Creative Writing (I earned a degree in May of 2018 in writing from the University of Central Oklahoma and have completed a novel that I pitched in New York City last summer)
  • Forensic Science (I am dabbling with a second degree in the field)

My specific skills include:

  • Ghostwriting eBooks on various subjects
  • Ghostwriting fiction
  • Ghostwriting blog posts for blogs ranging from the Civil War to information for cat owners
  • Meeting deadlines promptly
  • Being extremely detail oriented
  • Being excellent at research (I’ve presented academic research papers at symposiums)
  • Communicating effectively with clients to ensure that we’re on the same page
  • Tailoring words in a post to a specific audience
  • Making articles and blog posts SEO-friendly

Why should you choose me?

My unique experiences bring a fresh perspective to whatever I’m writing.  I’m highly passionate about researching as much as possible on any given subject.

If you’re looking to streamline your creative process and boost your social media engagement and traffic, then I’m your girl.